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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tag it Tuesday!

Oh, WUF...

Mommie is working on her own blog, 
and she left the phone on my couch, 
so I'm BACK!!

Wuf wuf wuf...

Today, we wanted to let some of our Team Members share their favorite Fall item in their shop and WHY.  I KNOW you will WUF what you see!

The link to each item is above the picture so you can go and visit the shop and HEART each item...We sure would appreciate it!...
We Present: 
The Folkart Primitives and More Team (FAAP)

Becky Levesque I love the fall colors used in this project. 

Cynthia Chapman:   This is my favorite because you can hang them on a fall tree, tie them on a package, or put them on a peg board. I love the grungy orange color they are.

Crystal Cord: I love Frankenstein.  

Cindi Toth:  
My favorite are these pillows. 
I love the simplicity of the words and graphic.

Carol Corrigan:When I sat down to paint this I started with the cobalt blue pumpkin and just made it up as I went. I love the colors and sunflowers are a favorite of mine as you can see in my logo.

Bob Reyna:  One of my newer pillows. I just love the effect of the leaves "blowing" across this pillow.

Scott Foster:  This shaker style bowl was handturned and allowed to dry naturally. Finished with Walnut oil and beeswax it's the perfect vessel for fall foliage, mini gords or pumpkins. A great centerpiece!

Sherrie Dalton:I love how all the cats seem to have their own personality.

Tammy Peacock:  I love his little red shoes.

Michelle Smith: I love this pumpkin man because 
his face is so sweet...

Connie Smith: The colors remind me of my Mom's wonderful
Thanksgiving dinners, and the whole family getting together on a frosty holiday.

Loreen Pitchford:  I've always loved the colors of fall 
especially the brilliant reds!

Melissa Dwork: This insane pumpkin ornament never 
fails to put a smile on my face!

Susan Smith:  This pumpkin was my first attempt at Folk Art a few years ago, and I have been blessed to be so successful with it. I love everything about it and regard it as my signature piece.

Sharon Jedlinsky: I love the expression on the ghosts face. I love everything about him One of my favorites..

Denise Cassidy Bailey:  My fave item was recently sold, so I will go with this one. I love the fabric colors and the 'real' stem.

Kim Orcutt: I love this little framed stitchery because it's a new style for me and was lots of fun to make.

Kathy Hale Cage: I don't like the way Thanksgiving is getting pushed aside ... going from Fall/Halloween to Christmas so I wanted to try to put an emphasis on Thanksgiving again 

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I got some sticks to chase...

We are handmade at heart~~FAAP


  1. Beautiful post !! Thank you Charcoal. I believe we should make you an honorary FAAP member

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  6. Another great post with so many wonderful Fall pieces! Thank you for including me.

  7. Great post Charcoal! Love all the Fall goodies you posted. Thank you for including my pumpkin in your article.

  8. Charcoal has great taste. Thanks for sharing these beautiful creations!

  9. Charcoal has great taste. Thanks for sharing these beautiful creations!

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  11. Charcoal - You have great taste in fall decor !

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