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Saturday, October 22, 2016

What is ETSY?

Hey Y'all...Lots of you guys know who I am, 
but in case you don't, Well, I am Charcoal.

My Mommie is Charlotte Fletcher of Roma Land Woodcrafts.

She is busy right now...ACTUALLY, she is on the couch holding her phone, saying some words that I do not recognize, and she is trying to get logged in to the Team Blog.


We won't tell her that I am posting, cause I figured it out.  We will just let her work at it until she gets it.  Don't we learn by doing?


I wanted to tell you that Momma is going to be doing the Team Blogs for awhile, so this is NOT about her or me 
(hey, who can I talk to about THAT!!)

She sure hopes that y'all will support and encourage our Team...

WHAT?  You don't know about the TEAM?

oh, wuf...


Our Team is Called : 
The Folkart and Primitives Team and More 

We are a group of crafters who have joined together to try to help each other promote our creations on Etsy.

I KNOW...many of you have no clue what ETSY is all about...heavy wuf...

ETSY is a selling place--pure and simple.


You can buy anything from condoms (yep, I heard lots of barking on that one, and please keep reading cause I am trying very hard to be funny and entertaining...don't get all "wuffy" on me!) to furniture to just about ANYTHING.

ETSY was originally developed so that handmade items could be sold, but now, just about anything goes (obviously from all the barking)!

Just like everything else in life, you kinda just have to look past things that you don't like or agree with, because we are ONE BIG group of people with different tastes and abilities, but we ALL are trying to make a little extra cha-ching, cause Charcoal needs some new Dog Bones!! (Who am I kidding--Nutter Butters--I NEED Nutter Butters!) 
We are not going to focus 
on things we can't change, 
or things that we don't like.


We are going to do out BESTEST to introduce you to some AWESOME crafters who work hard to make unique items.

Our fingers take lots of abuse~~needle pricks, hot glue guns, splinters, paint peeling, glue sticking~~so we need some ENCOURAGEMENT to help us heal and to keep creating (and to buy bandaides).


I WUF that you asked.

We need you to go see what we make and offer to sell.  
Who knows, you might find the EXACT thing 
you have searched for years to find.

  Click HERE to go to ETSY.

Join Etsy. It doesn't cost a thing.  If you have a fancy phone, and I KNOW you do, add the Etsy app and it will be so easy!! 


  When you get there,
 type FAAP in the Search 
and WOW!  
You will be amazed!

BUT I KNOW you will be overwhelmed, so don't give up.  We will share LOTS of links in the coming days for you to see, and here again, is another way to HELP US.


When someone shares a link on their FB page or wall, click on that link and HEART that item.  It will not take you very long, because many of you have fancy phones!  

To HEART an item, 
just click on the HEART in the top right 
of the picture.  


When you heart an item, it helps us get NOTICED in the searches that people do on Etsy.  It is some nerdy formula that I don't understand and to be honest, I don't think anyone does, BUT PLEASE do it!  It is painless!  LOL

I know this is going to take a while, so before you get going, ADD the following items to your grocery list, because you are going to need a TREAT to help you enjoy browsing all the amazing things that ETSY has to offer.


1 3/4 cup Cocoa Powder
4 3/4 cup Confectionery Sugar
1 3/4 cup non-dairy creamer
10 cup Powdered Milk

Mix and store in an airtight container.
Mix to taste (start with 1/3 cup of mix to a cup of water)

(there are TONS of other recipes on Pinterest)

Oh, and since I mentioned Pinterest, When you HEART our items, ADD them to your Pinterest Boards.  We would thank you and send you a virtual hug, because we are good like that!

As a team, we are struggling to do things to help us get noticed.  THAT is what this blog is about.  We have so much talent and really, we offer just about anything you could possible want.  We have patterns to help you make things, we have gift ideas, we have handmade and unique gifts that you cannot find in a store, we have country-specific items (yes, we have some people from other countries, besides the US), we have stocking stuffers, Teacher gifts, Christmas Gifts, Winter items, we custom make items, and so much more.

  We can offer things that a Box Store cannot do~~

If you are a team member that has lost your "get up and go", please come back and help us. Share with your friends cause, really, you will be helping them, too!

So, please follow us~~I promise that we won't call the Police for stalking us, cause we would LOVE for you to do that!  

because without you, 
we have no reason to create.

Oh, to find the items pictured, type: FAAP DOG in the Search bar on etsy, and you will gets lots more. This is just a sampling! 

We are handmade at heart...FAAP...wuf wuf


  1. Great job Charcoal! I'm going to have to teach Oreo to blog!

  2. Charcoal, you are one smart pooch!! :)

  3. Charcoal, you are one smart pooch!! :)

  4. thank you charcoal! hope you write again soon!

  5. Thank you Charcoal! I think you are better at this than I am.

  6. Thank you Charcoal! I think you are better at this than I am.

  7. Good job Charcoal !!!!! You deserve a special treat for this :)

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  9. A big WUF Charcoal for your awesome blog post! I'd say that nutter butters are definitely in order :)

  10. Charcoal did an awesome job and I did not know you could buy condoms on Etsy!!!

    1. Bwah ha ha ha...you must have been working and missed that discussion! Lol it was the first thing some people saw.

  11. Thank you, Charcoal, for a fabulous post! I truly enjoyed it! Pease, let Miss Charlotte know you deserve a treat!:)

  12. Great post Charcoal, you're pretty smart for a dog :-)

  13. Charcoal, you are such a well informed pup! Thanks for sharing.

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  15. Great Blog Charcoal! I love your blog!!!!

  16. Charcoal, I hope your Momma will permit you to blog often as you are so cute and funny. I really enjoyed your post!

  17. Charcoal is such a sweetheart! Great job! Bet your Mama is so proud of you!

  18. Love the blog. Thanks for all the hard work and time you put into them.


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