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Monday, November 14, 2016

Pets of FAAP, Part deux

WHEW...I didn't think I wuf EVER 
get that phone away from Momma...
I had to SIT on her to get it...
wuf is me...
It is a dog's life, I tell ya!

Oh, Charcoal here....

I wanted to share some more of 
My WUF-ly friends from my team.

So, here is Part Deux of 
The Pets of FAAP

                      Michelle Smith

                  Her name is Pebbles

Susan Smith

This is Bob, and he is a BIG cat, 
weighing in at 28 lbs and 36" long. 
He follows me everywhere like a little puppy.
 He loves cuddles and pets and rewards me 
with the loudest purring imaginable!  

Sharon Jedlinsky 

 This is Harold.
 The only time he seems to be my friend 
is when I am sewing or playing a game with the kids. 
Here he is in the game box. 

Connie Smith  

Georgie Girl is one of 4 feral cats I adopted 14 years ago.

Kim Orcutt
My little guy, Jack.  

Sherrie Dalton

Here's one of mine. 
This is Arrow

Lynn Smith Barbadoro:   
This is Oreo...
and I KNOW that you Obviously love him!

Kathy Hale Cage:  

 This is my buddy Snookums! 
He was a shelter kitty and 
they named him not me! LOL

Cynthia Chapman

Maggie and Shelby

Cindi Toth

Cody and Griffin
(I bet she doesn't know which is which!  
arf arf arf arf)

Wendy Marro

Scamper and Poofy

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  1. Thank you Charcoal! My little Georgie Girl is now famous because of your post :) I really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful furbabies!!

    1. Wuf wuf...we all wuf our 15 minutes of fame!

  2. Love this! Scamper and Poofy love it too.. and they agree, they need more treats.. and more toys.. love seeing all the other furkids!

  3. Woof woof! Thank you Charcoal for including me in your pawsome post:-) love, Pebbles

  4. Thank you Charcoal for introducing all your Wuf-ly friends.....and I'm glad that your OBVIOUSLY love Oreo too!

  5. I really enjoy seeing everyone's babies. I love the job your doing on the blog. Thanks for including my Paulie in the last one.

  6. I love seeing all of the teams furbabies ! We know how much they help us out too. Oh and Charcoal.....Good job once again!

  7. Charcoal, you're doing a great job! Extra treats for you!! Woof!


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