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Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in FAAP Homes

WUF WUF...Charcoal stopping 
in to Share some of the pretty trees 
in the homes of our 
team members...

Yep, I look sad, 
cause my Momma 
doesn't decorate for me...
wuf, is me...

BUT, WUF-ly Trees 
are all around for me to see

Enjoy these Beauties!

Under each tree, you will find a link.
to visit each shop.

We would LOVE for you 
to take a moment and 
to see what we do, individually.

By all means, we would LOVE
to have you to 
HEART our Shops
and to 
HEART our Items
and to SHARE us with your friends.


Apologies, but this link doesn't work.

Wasn't that FUN?!

I hope that each of you will place
items under your tree that
are given from the heart,
and not just THINGS
to clutter.

Our team members share a 
piece of their heart
with each item they create~~
That is what is
about handmade...

Be thinking about your 
gift and decorating
needs for 2017.

We are here for YOU...


Merry Christmas


  1. Such lovely trees !! It is so nice to be able to look into each member's home and see the pride and love they have. Thank you for sharing !!

  2. Love seeing all of the team members trees! Wow!

  3. Beautiful trees! Thanks for sharing Charcoal!

  4. So many beautiful trees! Can't help but be in the Christmas mood now :) thanks Charcoal!


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