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Saturday, January 14, 2017

How We Got Our Shop Names

Well, Momma is over in the corner on her puter. 
mumbling something about a deadline.
It is very clear that she isn't going to feed me, 
so I had to go dig in the garbage...wuf is me...
It is a dog's life, I wuf ya...

It's time to share some more of our team's shops and how they got their names...I hope you enjoy this and PLEASE, go visit the shops and Heart some items.  If you are looking for something specific, I bet you will find a team member that can help you...give us a try!
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Bob Reyna
Ryen wanted to leave the shop name open to include any kind of items she chose to create.  After many attempts at shop names that were already taken, RyensMarketplace was born.

Jennifer Rose-Atchison
I named my store after my big baby cat named Paulie Wogs. 

Scott Foster
The adze is a tool similar to an axe but the blade is perpendicular to the handle.  The history of the adze is muddy but archeologists know it goes back as far as the stone age.  I used the adze in my shop name because it reminds me of what can be done with simple handtools.  With an axe, and an adze, a Viking could build a ship.     Adzewoodcraft

Tammy Peacock Fry
I came up with my name, after my great aunts farm.  My favorite place.  Her farm was called Lost Valley Farm, as they flooded the valley where the old town site was, it became the lost valley.  She lived in a big old farm house surrounded by antiques, but to her they were her everyday things. 😊

Sherrie Dalton
A while back I was laughing with my sisters and my husband told us we sounded like old cackling hens all in good humor of course. So, I thought hmm....Old Cacklin' Hen... sounds like a good name for my business.

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Don't forget that there are still LOTS of sales items available.
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I can think of nothing lovelier than receiving a handmade gift.
Our team members have LOTS of patterns, too!
We've gotcha covered!

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Here is a quick recipe from one of our team members:
Go buy a bag of M&Ms
Open the bag
Pour into a Bowl

(yes, you may get the Peanut M&Ms)

You are welcome! =)


  1. Great shops! Love that nice and easy recipe too :)

  2. Another wonderful blog. I really enjoy reading them. And thanks so much for including me. Much appreciated.

  3. love this post. getting to know everyone.

  4. It's fun to find out how our team Shops got their names, and to visit them to see what they've been up to!


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