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Thursday, February 2, 2017

This is WHO We Are!

Wow...WUF WUF...My Momma must be the most Creative mind EVER!  I can't wag my tail without knocking something off!!  It is Everywhere!  Wuf wuff...

I've been sitting here waiting for Momma to do this post, so I finally got up and did it myself!

These are the last of the group that we have that wanted to share how they got their shop names...
This has been fun!

As always, click on the shop name and you will magically appear inside the shop!  Magic~~me is good~~wuf wuf

** * * * *** * * *

Becky Thompson Mckinzie

Cotton Picking Folk Art.  I work primarily with cotton fabrics, and began my Etsy journey with ethnic southern dolls. My style is primitive, but I think folk art sounds fancier.  My first doll included a story about her toils in the cotton fields, and the name evolved from there. I think it lends itself to some whimsy, as well. I often depart from my storybook characters to do primsicals.

Kristy Green
My daughter and I decided we would like to make handmade hats a few years ago.  So we brainstormed the ideas for what we would call our little business.  Her name is Kaylee and we often call her "Kay" for short.  Since it was her ambition that got us started, we knew we wanted to use her name in it.  We both love daisys, so we thought, why not . . . hence the name Daisy Kay's.  After that little venture ran its course, I personally decided I wanted to share my love of primitives and then added it on to the name and now my little hobby business is Daisy Kays Primitives.  Very special to me.

Jan Young
     My paint clothes..nuff said

Yvonne Motes
Ok, Mine is a little lenghty. I named my shop after one of my Granddaughters. She would set in my lap when she was little and try to help me sew and she had and stills has this little raggedy elf doll  (that she carried everywhere) .that I gave to her when she was little. She would make me things and wrap them in some old raggedy paper she would find around the house ( and she would say I'm priumming um up for ya Gran -a-ma ). Her name is Elizabeth, thus came the name. Beth's Raggedy Attic Prims. I took Beth from her middle name. She still helps me today, and shes my best helper.

Note:  This shop has been on vacation for awhile, so you won't be able to visit, but I found some pictures from her Facebook page to share.

Charlotte Fletcher (momma)

Momma tells me that my Gramma and Poppa got married and lived on a Dairy farm in Middle Tennessee. It was a big "thang" to name your farm back during ancient times, so Gramma took the first 2 letters of my Pappas name, Robert, and the first 2 letters of her name, Martha, and it became Roma Land Farm. The oldest son bought half of the farm and it became Roma Land Farms. He then started doing craft shows during the 80s, making routed signs and bread boxes--He was a beautiful artisian, and he started Roma Land Woodcrafts. When momma quit her job, rather abruptly, in 1986, she moved back home from Arkansas and started "painting" while searching for a job. She got a call to start work, the day after her first craft show, and the exact day she would have no more money. There was no looking back. Craft shows paid the farm mortgage during all those years and included a 15 year run of a brick and mortor. I hear that Poppa said he should have incorporated and made us pay to use the name. Oh, what grateful Godly people, and momma says that their love runs through every stroke of her brush.
She has both patterns and finished items.

* * * * * * * * * * * 

I hope you have had fun learning how our shops got their names.  We will be sharing more about us in the coming weeks.

PLEASE remember us when you need a gift.
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I bet we have what you want.
At least, give us the chance.

We are creating with a Happy Heart!

Wuff wufff


  1. Wonderful stories! Thank you for the awesome series Charcoal:-)

  2. Love this post! Keep up the good work Charcoal, I look forward to reading your next post. :)

  3. Enjoyed reading everyone's stories Charcoal. Good Job! Woof!


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