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Friday, January 20, 2017

Getting to know US, FAAP

So, you are just sitting there...
Do YOU need something to do?
(that is what my Momma used to ask her co-workers)

Lucky you...
I have some more shops to share with You...

You will just WUF them!!

Once again
I have WUFFED my magic
Just Click on the Shop Name and
You will appear in the shop
Take some time to look through their items
Heart Some Items

* * * * * * * 

Loreen Pitchford
I'm afraid I wasn't as original as  many others but I simply continued to use the name of my studio since I've been selling and teaching art from here for some time. I also had the name established across social media - I've read it's good practice to keep the continuity across media outlets😊.

Kim Orcutt
We lived in a valley in NY and at the time the name was for a gift shoppe in our house. I was selling primitive items. The name was Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe. It's now Valley Primitives Stitches because I am now only selling hand stitched items with an old, primitive feel.  

Denise Cassidy Bailey
When I first started out crafting for craft shows in our area, I had piles and piles of items.  My daughters started calling me a 'crazy craft lady'.  When I found that primitives didn't sell well here (Pittsburgh) , I decided to try to sell on eBay.  At the time, I did not have a shop/ shop name, I just did listings.
When I ventured online I did some searches and found Prim Mart.  I needed a log in name and decided to go with crazy craft lady, but changed the C's to K's.  Thus....Krazy Kraft Lady.  I then started a blog and called that ' The Krazy Kraft Lady'.
Eventually I did open a shop on eBay and I needed a name so I abbreviated my name and added Primitives.

Kathy Hale Cage
How did my shop get it's name? I have an introverted personality and ever since I was a child and also as an adult I have felt nearly invisible at times and that people could not see or understand my motivations ... they couldn't see my "heart" ... Some how I have not been good at conveying that ... That's where the name Kathy's Heart came from ... my way of allowing people to see who I am and what matters to me ... my faith and a simple, warm, unsophisticated life ... thus Kathy's Heart Creations ... I have a simple, warm, cozy, homespun, cottage, farmhouse feel in all the things that I make. ...

Wendy Marro
The house I grew up in was next to the woods 
that had a little creek flowing through it!  

Tara Sharan Hensley
It took me several days and a lot of brainstorming but I finally thought , "well my home is rustic" so I came up with The Rustic Home but that was taken so I added Company on the end.  TheRusticHomeCompany

Darla Walk (one of our co-leaders)
My shop name is Harriet Stash.    Harriet was my grandmothers name. Her picture is on my Creation table.... Stash is the "stash in Harriets attic. I have had other names.... always thinking it is the key but let me tell you. I have got rid of other thoughts. this is my shop name... I use it with pride. I loved my Grandmother. 

* * * * * *

Aren't these fun?

I hope that you will visit our many shops 
and let us help YOU with all of your 
gift and decorating needs.

Thank you for stopping by...
Until Next time...wuf wuf


  1. love getting to know the FAAP members

  2. Such unique shop names and wonderful creations. thank you Charcoal !

  3. You're doing a great job Charcoal!

  4. so fun to read! thanks Charcoal...

  5. another great read about the Folk Art and Primitives team!

  6. Unique names. Great to know how everyone's creative genius works. Loved reading these!


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