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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The Folkart and Primitives and More Etsy team 
is a very active group.

We do Lots of Fun things on our Team.
Not everyone is able 
to participate in every activity, 
so we have something at least 
once a month that somebody will like!

We have over 200 members, 
but sadly, only about 40 are active.  
Those that are not active, 
sure do miss out on the 
FUN and getting to know each other!! 
Isn't that often the case with any organization.

Our goal is to SELL items, 
BUT we also do our best to help 
our team members sell, also.

On our Team FB page, 
we try to keep each other up to date 
on the always changing Etsy.  
We discuss things that work 
and things that need a little adjusting...

We do a lot of HEARTING of items 
to keep others items getting noticed.
In turn, they do the same for others.
It is a great example of life 
and how we should
 support and encourage others. 
By doing this, we also reap the benefits.  

Kindness ALWAYS matters, 
no matter where you are and 
what you are doing.

We just had a PIN-A-THON 
where each participant pinned 
at least 5 items from the 
shops that participated.

So, HOW can YOU Help?

Go to our shops and PIN some of our items.
Go to Pinterst and seach: 
and find our boards and 
pin some of the items to YOUR boards...

See something you like?  
Then we are more than 
happy to sell it to YOU...


We can help you find what you want--

Most of us do custom orders.

Give us a try...I think you will be pleased.

To find MORE of our team, go to etsy and search: FAAP

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Here is the list of participating shops in this activity.

SpringThyme on Pinterest 2017

* * * *

IF you click on the blue, it will magically take you to the Etsy shop for you to see more handmade art!

* * * * 

Thank you for stopping by and 
please visit again.


  1. I love this blog! Thank you for highlighting our members!

  2. Another wonderful post. Thank you Charcoal.....uh I mean Charlotte <3

  3. Wonderful write up on an amazing team!


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